Monthly Archives: September 2014

Job Instead of Jail for Owed Child Support?

Child support can be expensive. It is not unheard of for some individuals to struggle making the payments each month. What happens, however, when the monthly payments cross from difficult to impossible? Usually when this happens, it will be reported to the court, and they will hold the individual in contempt, and they will be… Read more

But Who Pays for College?

If you find yourself in a divorce, you undoubtedly have a myriad questions floating around in your head: When will this process be over? What happens with our kids? When our assets are divided, will I get what I want? Which family members will pick sides? Will I be financially stable after? Should I push… Read more

Child Support Laws Struggle To Keep Pace

The laws of various states are already complicated as they relate to child support.  Generally speaking, the law requires that biological parents share the financial responsibility of rearing a child.  At the same time, “real life” continues to generate situations that test the edges of the law.  This editorial (see link below) describes one such… Read more

DeVoe Invited to Family Law Inns of Court

I was recently invited to become a member in the Central Florida Family Law Inns of Court. Members of the Inns include attorneys, judges, magistrates, and professors that have a special focus in family law. Membership in the Inns is by invitation, and to me it is a great honor to be invited to be… Read more

What Happens to Inheritances in Divorce?

As most people know, Florida is a 50/50 state, where marital assets are split evenly down the line in a divorce. What happens, though, to assets gained for personal reasons such as inheritances? Well, as mentioned before, all marital assets are split 50/50, but fortunately, it is possible for some asset to be considered nonmarital…. Read more