Monthly Archives: November 2014

Children Aren’t Collateral of Divorce

It would sure make a lot of things easier if parents facing divorce could always come to a civil arrangement regarding their children, but of course that’s not the case. Some parents need a reality check – the circumstances of your divorce, regardless of how bad things are between you and your former spouse, do… Read more

Prison Sentence Gets in Way of Divorce Hearing

Florida resident Kim Rothstein is facing some complications in not only getting her no-fault divorce finalized, but also getting her name restored. If the name Rothstein rings a bell, it’s for a good reason. Kim, who spent almost of her marriage separated from her  Scott while he served prison time for a Ponzi scheme, has… Read more

Post-Divorce Celebration Parties: Tacky or Fun?

Imagine the following scenario: Your divorce is finally over with, and you’re walking out of the courtroom. Do you get in your car and head home to relax, in order to let the stress and emotions of the divorce drain out of you? Or, instead, do you pick up some friends and drive up to… Read more