Monthly Archives: January 2015

Florida Man Arrested for $120,000 Child Support Bill

Paying for child support can be expensive. Not paying for child support can be even more expensive, as one Florida man recently found out. 48-year-old Safety Harbor resident Glen S. Caristinos was arrested just recently on a federal charge of not paying just shy of $120,000 in child support. Assistant U.S. Attorney Don Clark stated… Read more

In a Divorce, the Family Business Needs Special Handling

Some of the eventualities of divorce are well-known: The family will be splitting, marital property will be divided, child custody and parental visitation plans will be outlined, etc. One of the things many people don’t fully understand about divorce, though, is what happens with a family business. This is a major issue, as the U.S…. Read more

Divorce Rate Might be Lower than We Think

If you listen to news reports, you will likely hear some version of the following: “Divorce rate rising,” “divorce rate hits new high,” or “divorce on the up and up”. It seems like no matter where you turn, you’re confronted with the fact that divorces are becoming more and more commonplace. How much of that… Read more

Are We Going to Stop Tracking Marriage and Divorce?

“In the past 12 months, did this person get: A) Married, B) Widowed, C) Divorced?” This question is a normal part of the US Census questionnaire, and the data gained from the answers is used in a lot of research about marriage and divorce. However, the government is considering dropping that question (and others similar… Read more