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What is a Reasonable Time Sharing Setup

Time sharing after a divorce in Florida In the state of Florida, child custody and visitation is referred to as time-sharing. The courts believe that it is usually always in the best interest of the child to have equal time-sharing schedules, and you should have a plan that shows when your child spends time with… Read more

Tips for Coping Psychologically with Divorce

With divorce comes many negative emotions, some even causing stress that can interfere with your ability to function from day to day. Coping with these emotions isn’t always easy, but one of the best things you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself. Recognizing and dealing with your emotions is the key… Read more

How does the Court Determine the Level of Child Support in a Divorce?

In a divorce that involves children, child support is almost unavoidable. One parent will almost always be required to make payments to the other parent in order to help support their child. But many people going through a divorce don’t understand how the amount of child support is calculated and determined. If you’re going through… Read more

Custody Law: Do I Need to File Anything to Legal Relocate my Child?

In a divorce, it is common for parents to live in different states, making it difficult to decide which parent their children should live with. In Florida, laws provide strict procedures that the parents must follow before moving their children to a different state. Child custody in Florida Florida law aims to give each parent… Read more