Child Support Laws Struggle To Keep Pace

The laws of various states are already complicated as they relate to child support.  Generally speaking, the law requires that biological parents share the financial responsibility of rearing a child.  At the same time, “real life” continues to generate situations that test the edges of the law.  This editorial (see link below) describes one such… Read more

DeVoe Invited to Family Law Inns of Court

I was recently invited to become a member in the Central Florida Family Law Inns of Court. Members of the Inns include attorneys, judges, magistrates, and professors that have a special focus in family law. Membership in the Inns is by invitation, and to me it is a great honor to be invited to be… Read more

What Happens to Inheritances in Divorce?

As most people know, Florida is a 50/50 state, where marital assets are split evenly down the line in a divorce. What happens, though, to assets gained for personal reasons such as inheritances? Well, as mentioned before, all marital assets are split 50/50, but fortunately, it is possible for some asset to be considered nonmarital…. Read more

Tips for a Smooth Divorce

Getting into a divorce proceeding is usually a very stressful life event, even if it was brought about due to perfectly rational reasons.; life-long commitments are severed, property is separated, family often becomes divided or polarized, etc. There are a few certain things you can do to ensure that you sail as smoothly as possible… Read more

Florida’s Homosexual Marriage Ban Has Not Been Overturned Yet

This past week has been one of great interest for Florida’s homosexual population. They have been fighting to be allowed to marry for years now, but when a recent vote passed a measure making it constitutionally illegal for homosexuals to marry in Florida, many people lost hope. While it is true that other states have… Read more