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Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

Some divorces are knock-out, drag-down fights from start to finish. Others are amicable, friendly, and agreeable. Regardless of the situation, it is crucial that the divorce paperwork explicitly spell out child custody and visitation arrangements if there are children involved, because things change. Trusting your ex-spouse to “just do the right thing” is a risky… Read more

Why Parenting Plans are Important in Divorce

The children come first. That’s a saying that we hear scattered throughout news articles, commercials, pop culture, public service announcements, and in discussions with friends and family. What does it really mean, though? Well, in the context of recent legislation passed in Florida, it means that parenting plans can be decided by the court if… Read more

Spotted in Florida? Child Missing in Angry Cape Cod Breakup

It very well may be the understatement of the century to say that breakups can get nasty, but for one Massachusetts man, his break-up took the worst turn possible, and he is turning to social media to help him make things right. Jeff Leonard and the mother of his child, Shannon Reckner, used to switch… Read more