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There’s an App for That: Child Support

In today’s world, we rely on our phones and computers for just about everything. We utilize alerts on our phones to remind us of things at the appropriate time, automatic bill pay is available for many monthly bills, and countless apps are available to make life easier. If there is a need, someone will create… Read more

Why Parenting Plans are Important in Divorce

The children come first. That’s a saying that we hear scattered throughout news articles, commercials, pop culture, public service announcements, and in discussions with friends and family. What does it really mean, though? Well, in the context of recent legislation passed in Florida, it means that parenting plans can be decided by the court if… Read more

Florida Man Arrested for $120,000 Child Support Bill

Paying for child support can be expensive. Not paying for child support can be even more expensive, as one Florida man recently found out. 48-year-old Safety Harbor resident Glen S. Caristinos was arrested just recently on a federal charge of not paying just shy of $120,000 in child support. Assistant U.S. Attorney Don Clark stated… Read more

Not Paying Your Child Support? Your License, Please

A driver’s license is a privilege, and it can be taken away. Whenever you hear about someone’s license being revoked, it is usually for traffic violations. Either the person was arrested for driving under the influence, they didn’t show up to a court date, or they simply have too many traffic tickets. Unfortunately, there are… Read more