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Child Support Laws Struggle To Keep Pace

The laws of various states are already complicated as they relate to child support.  Generally speaking, the law requires that biological parents share the financial responsibility of rearing a child.  At the same time, “real life” continues to generate situations that test the edges of the law.  This editorial (see link below) describes one such… Read more

Florida Man Turns Self in for Skipping Child Support Payments

When you’re watching the news, if a story about child support payments comes up, it is almost always negative. Either someone is in a heated divorce, contesting proposed child support payments, or they are trying to fight their current support payments, or even someone being arrested for not paying and leaving town. A recent case… Read more

Grandmother Seeks Reimbursement for Unlawful Child Support

It is a fairly common occurrence for an individual to be facing child support payments after a divorce filing. This can even be true if the child is not yours biologically, but was part of a family that you married into. What happens, however, when you are forced to pay child support payments for a… Read more

Orlando Man Extradited for $83,000 Child Support Bill

As the old adage goes, “you can never escape the long arm of the law.” One Orlando resident certainly found out that was true when he was arrested and extradited back to New York to face child support neglect charges. The 51-year-old Orlando resident, who was wanted for two separate outstanding warrants, was pulled back… Read more