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In Divorce as in Life, Fighting is Never the Answer

Nobody likes the idea of a contentious divorce. The drama and struggles of the process may make for interesting TV shows and movies, but when facing the reality of putting their family through the wringer, as it were, many people find themselves searching for alternatives. Luckily, one such alternative is growing ever more popular, and… Read more

Can a Divorce Leave Me with Nothing?

In considering a divorce, how the marital property is going to be divided, and perhaps fought over, is a concern that most people worry over. There is much more than property to think about in a divorce, but this issue looms large. As you might imagine, the laws that govern who gets what have ancient… Read more

Manage Your Taxes During Divorce

April 15th. Every adult knows that date, and most regard it with a sense of dread. Tax time is rarely a fun time of year, and if you are also currently undergoing a divorce, filing taxes can seem like an entirely insurmountable obstacle. Physical property is divided, bank accounts are split, interest payments on student… Read more

Mortgages and Divorce

The after-effects of a divorce can stretch out a very long time, in many cases even lasting an entire lifetime. One area of concern that comes up frequently, but is not often discussed, is living arrangements and mortgages. The reason it might not come up too often in discussion is that while the potential solutions… Read more