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Not Recognizing Your Marriage Means No Divorce?

Back in 2008, Florida passed a constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage with a 62% yes vote. Since then, there have been quite a number of cases brought to the courts to challenge that ruling, including a few recent ones which are a little different. Generally, couples will challenge the court when they are seeking a… Read more

Are Alimony Decisions Permanent?

Q: Since my divorce 5 years ago, my income has been cut rather significantly, and my ex-spouse’s has increased. Is it possible to get an alimony modification, or is the decision permanent? A: Well, fortunately, the short answer is yes, alimony can be modified, depending on what the court originally ordered. The long answer is… Read more

Florida Woman Treated Like Criminal by Family Courts

In a perfect storm of a divorce case, one Florida woman found that a mix of bad preparation and unfortunate circumstances ended up costing her the most important things in her life: Her children. Linda Marie Sacks found out the hard way that, in certain circumstances, family courts can be even more unforgiving towards parents… Read more

Divorced Florida Couple in Battle Over Son’s Remains

A long-ago-divorced Florida couple are finding themselves embroiled in perhaps the most-heated legal battle of their lives over a very unexpected item: Cremated ashes. The remains in question are of their son Scott Patrick Wilson, who was 23 when he was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver. The main problem stems from the fact that… Read more