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Ecuador Woman Looks to Florida Court for Help with Divorce

This summer the Third District Court of Appeal heard a case arising from a dissolution of marriage action where both Husband and Wife were citizens of Ecuador. They were married in 1991 on a business trip to Miami. They returned to Ecuador and throughout their marriage lived and worked in Ecuador. In 2013, the Husband… Read more

Does a Father in Prison Have Rights in Divorce?

An incarcerated husband recently appealed his final divorce judgment on the grounds that the trial court erred in denying his motion for rehearing. He claimed that he was prevented by prison officials from appearing telephonically at the final hearing, and that the trial court abused its discretion by denying his motions to stay the dissolution… Read more

How Does Alimony Work with a Prenuptial Agreement?

A contentious and drawn-out divorce case has been travelling through Florida courts for several years. The most recent issue in this case deals with characterization of payments as alimony or salary in a prenuptial agreement that includes a waiver of alimony. The parties in the case waived their right to alimony in a properly signed… Read more