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Orlando Bond Hearing Attorney

Motions to Establish Bond

Bond HearingA bond hearing is intended to determine reasonable and appropriate conditions for release pending trial and are generally used to obtain a bond amount where no bond has been set, or to reduce bond where the bond amount is unaffordable.

Motions to Modify Pre-Trial Release Bond Conditions

Hearings can also be held to modify previously established conditions of pre-trial release. For example, a releasee may need to ask the court to modify domestic violence no-contact orders, permit travel, or eliminate GPS monitoring.

Motions to Recall Bench Warrant or Capias

There may be times when you simply forget your court date and failed to appear at your hearing. It is possible to file a motion with the court to request that the bench warrant be cancelled. The better the reason you forgot court, the better your chances are that the judge will grant your request.

One Chance, Make it Count!

Generally, only one hearing regarding conditions of release is granted in a case, so it is important that evidence is sufficiently gathered and persuasively presented to the court. An attorney is familiar with the most effective ways to present your unique circumstances to the court. Call DeVoe Law Firm for help with bond motions and pre-trial release issues in your case.

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