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When Can Florida Child Support Go Beyond Age 18?

Child support is often a mandatory aspect of a divorce or separation of any kind when minor children are involved. A child support order is the court’s means making sure a minor is consistently provided for financially. Even if a parent is not physically present in a child’s life, the state of Florida orders child… Read more

What is Simplified Dissolution of a Marriage in Florida?

When marriages don’t work out, there are a few different ways to end the marriage: annulment, divorce, and simplified dissolution of a marriage, are some of the ways. Many people don’t quite know what a simplified dissolution of a marriage is. In short, a simplified dissolution of marriage is quicker and generally pre-agreed upon way… Read more

Can my Child Testify in my Divorce Case?

If you’ve experienced the unfortunate situation of divorce, you know the many difficult stages to the court case there are. Besides the pain of the actual relationship separation, there also has to be a decision on property division and most difficult of all, child custody. If you are currently entering or involved in a divorce… Read more

Does my Social Media Presence Affect my Divorce Case?

In today’s society, it’s abnormal if someone does not have a presence on social media. As soon as you meet someone without a Facebook page, there is an automatic follow-up conversation about their unique lifestyle choice. With social media being so omnipresent, it proves itself both advantageous and harmful in various situations. One of the… Read more

Should I Have a Postnup or a Prenup?

Although many would love to believe their marriage will last forever, the unfortunate reality is that 44% of marriages end in divorce. Even if you don’t plan to be included in that 44%, it may be wise to plan for the worst, especially if you or your spouse have a lot of assets that need… Read more