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Family law in Florida involves a variety of issues that commonly arise from relationships between people. Call DeVoe Law Firm for efficient, cost-effective assistance with all your family law matters.

Divorce. Get help you with all the issues you will commonly face in divorce, such as property division, alimony, parental responsibility, timesharing, and child support.

Custody, Timesharing, & Visitation. Get custody and timesharing. Establish a fair timesharing and visitation schedule. Modify an existing timesharing schedule, and even get sole parental responsibility, where appropriate.

Parental Responsibility. Claim your parental rights. Exercise your right to make decisions regarding religion, school, medical providers, and after-school activities.

Child Support. Establish or modify child support. Get child support defense to help ensure you don’t overpay support. Get child support plaintiff service to ensure you receive as much as the law and court will allow. Establish child support, or  modify child support, both upward and downward.

DOR Cases & License Suspension. Fight DOR. Defend your DOR case involving child support, contempt, and license suspension.

Paternity & DNA Testing. Establish or disestablish fatherhood. If you know you are the biological father, make sure you are established as the legal father in order to preserve your parental rights. In cases where you are not the father, disestablish paternity and its related child support obligation.

Separation. Get financial support while separated. You and your spouse may live apart while deciding whether to get a divorce. Receive alimony and child support while you and your spouse are living apart. This will not prevent you from either reconciling or getting a divorce later.

Injunctions. Request, contest, modify, or dissolve restraining orders or injunctions for protection against domestic violence. Learn about the criminal ramifications of an injunction. Get help with timesharing and child support components of an injunction.

Relocation with Children. Petition for court approval to relocate with children. Resolve legal issues involved with parental relocation with children, such as timesharing, visitation, and child support.

DCF Dependency Cases. Fight DCF. Assert your parental rights.  Challenge probable cause, get discovery, and demand trial. Challenge DCF allegations of insufficient case plan compliance. Get reunified!

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