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Where Can I Find Florida DCF Records?

DCF child abuse records are confidential and exempt from public records requests, except as provided by statute. Florida Statute §39.202, allows the person having legal custody of the child (or the young adult who was in DCF’s custody) to obtain DCF records. Florida Statute §39.202(7)(a) generally requires DCF to keep records of its cases until… Read more

How To Obtain an Injunction in Florida

An injunction, also known as a restraining order, is a court ordered document that legally orders an abuser to stop doing certain acts. People who are victims of domestic violence can obtain an injunction in Florida,  ordering their abuser to move out of their shared home and making it illegally to contact or come near… Read more

Reasons for Filing Injunctions

An injunction is basically a restraining order, which demands that the person who the order was filed against stays away from the person who filed the order. Violating one of these civil injunction is a crime and those who violate them are subject to criminal penalties, including jail. In the state of Florida, victims of… Read more

Parents Turning to “Bullying Injunctions” to Protect Children

One of the most heartbreaking moments of parenthood is learning that your child is being targeted by a bully. With the widespread use of social media and other online communication, many kids and teens today are exposed to a new breed of bully: the cyberbully. Now, more and more parents are taking a stand against… Read more