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New Proposed Bill Aims to Change Florida Alimony

The House Bill HB-455 aims to change the Florida alimony procedures and processes in many ways. Florida lawmakers previously tried to alter the Florida alimony law in 2013 with a bill that was ultimately vetoed by Governor Rick Scott. The biggest alteration HB-455 proposes is to eliminate permanent alimony altogether, including durational and rehabilitative alimonies…. Read more

New US Law: Rape Survivor Custody Act

Rape is easily among the most controversial topics you can talk about, and even though it’s a serious issue that is very deserving of discussion, even acknowledging its existence makes many people uncomfortable. Well, fortunately, there’s been a legal development involving the issue of rape that should have everybody cheering, despite its taboo status. The… Read more

Orlando Divorce Cases Can Drag On

If you are facing criminal charges in Florida, it is your right per the Sixth Amendment to a speedy and public trial. If, instead, you are going through a divorce, there is a very good chance that you will be waiting a long time for your court date. Many families in Orange County find themselves… Read more

Orlando to Publish Divorce and Child Support Records Online?

All across Florida, clerks of court are in the process of making electronic court records available online for public access. Florida is leading the nation in online record sharing; most states’ residents have nowhere near the access to public court records that Florida residents do. Some records can be viewed anonymously, while other records will… Read more