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What is the Adoption Process Like in Florida?

The road to adoption can be a long and stressful one, but in the end it’s extremely rewarding. The path differs for everyone, but it usually involves an orientation session, an in-depth training program to help you determine if adoption is right for you and your family, a home study and a background check. The process… Read more

What Are Included in Grandparent Rights

Divorce not only impacts a couple’s immediate family; it can also impact a grandparent’s ability to see their grandchildren. Grandparents have the right to be granted custody of their grandchildren or even court-mandated visitation with their grandchildren. Legislation has been put into place over the past 35 years to ensure that grandparents do have rights… Read more

What Every Father Should Know About Paternity Leave

As many people know, expecting and new mothers are generally granted some form of paid maternity leave to spend time at home with the newborn baby. In fact, most states require employers to give new mothers a regulated amount of paid maternity leave. Social studies have shown that parents spending more time washing, changing and… Read more

Careful with “Re-Homing” Kids – Might be Trafficking

When it comes to pets, the concept of “re-homing” is fairly commonplace. Sometimes an individual will move in with a spouse that has a severe allergy, or will move to a new apartment that has strict pet regulations, or will have a new baby that a pet does not get along with. Finding a caring… Read more