Child Support Modification Reversed by Fifth District Court of Appeal

Parents frequently seek to modify the child support obligation after the final dissolution decree. A change in circumstances of either part may call for a review and adjustment of the child support obligations. While this type of request is not uncommon, courts in Florida will generally require that certain criteria be met before approving such… Read more

Can a Judge Significantly Change Child Timesharing When the Only Issue Before the Court was the Exchange Location?

Here is a recent case about a judge who changed an Orlando couple’s timesharing and child support obligations without even being asked. In an appeal from the Circuit Court for Orange County, Zameena (the former wife) appealed an order regarding custody and support where the trial judge on his own awarded her former husband El… Read more

Proper Venue to Modify or Enforce Foreign Divorce Judgment is the County Where Responding Party Lives

In January 2017, the Fifth District appeals Court reversed the Seminole County court’s decision to grant former Husband’s petition to modify a foreign divorce final judgment because he brought the case in the wrong county. In this case, the spouses were married in Miami but separated while they were living in Germany. The husband relocated… Read more

No Blank Checks On Parent Request to Relocate with Child

In January 2017, The First District Appeals Court ruled that courts are not allowed to pre-judge what is in the “child’s best interest” when a parent requests permission to relocate with a child at some unspecfied future date, especially when it is uncertain whether and when such a relocation will occur. Kathleen and Mark Horn… Read more