What Happens with Child Support When a Parent is Incarcerated?

Paying child support can be a very contentious issue in a divorce, especially when one of the parents in serving a prison sentence. The Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach was recently asked to review just that type of case. A father, Dennis, appealed the trial court’s decision ordering him to child support… Read more

Husband to Get for Credit for Temporary Alimony Paid

Alimony or spousal maintenance payments in a Florida divorce may not be as straightforward as they first appear. Determining the type of alimony and when it should begin must be calculated accurately for the benefit of both parties. In some instances, a judge may get it wrong. He or she may fail to consider an… Read more

Appellate Court Says Parenting Plan Lacks Specificity and Orders New Plan

Former husband John Duke appealed the trial court’s final judgment dissolving his marriage to his wife, Heather. The Orlando couple were married for 25 years before she petitioned for dissolution of marriage. At the time, they had one minor child. Following a non-jury trial, the trial judge ordered John to pay permanent periodic alimony, child… Read more

Ex-Husband’s Delays with Financial Discovery Requires Court to Grant Relief to Wife

Property settlement and alimony are critical issues in a divorce. Recently, these issues arose in the dissolution of a 27-year Florida marriage. Specifically, an ex-husband was awarded all the marital assets and didn’t have to pay any alimony after his extended delay in providing his financial records. Richard filed for dissolution of the marriage in… Read more

Grandparent Visitation Order From A Different State Enforced in Florida

Is Florida required to enforce another state’s judgment ordering grandparent visitation with minor children, even though Florida law does not generally allow courts to order grandparent visitation? That question was recently before the Florida Supreme Court. The petitioner, Ruth and the father of her two minor children were divorced in Colorado in 2010. He died… Read more