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Are Cars Included in Property Splits?

When it comes to dividing property, the rule in Florida is to be as even as possible. Once all separate property items (gifts, inheritances, and most possessions owned before the marriage) are taken out of the equation, whatever remains (community property) will be divvied up fairly and usually equally. There’s a bit of wiggle room… Read more

Tips on Maintaining a Time-Sharing Schedule

In the state of Florida, child custody and visitation are lumped under the category of “time sharing,” which essentially boils down to both parents writing out a detailed plan for the time that a child spends with each parent. Depending on whether both parents were able to work together to formulate the plan, or the… Read more

What is a Reasonable Time Sharing Setup

Time sharing after a divorce in Florida In the state of Florida, child custody and visitation is referred to as time-sharing. The courts believe that it is usually always in the best interest of the child to have equal time-sharing schedules, and you should have a plan that shows when your child spends time with… Read more