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What is a Reasonable Time Sharing Setup

Time sharing after a divorce in Florida

In the state of Florida, child custody and visitation is referred to as time-sharing. The courts believe that it is usually always in the best interest of the child to have equal time-sharing schedules, and you should have a plan that shows when your child spends time with each parent.

Creating a time-sharing schedule

Your time-sharing schedule should include:

  • An everyday schedule that shows when the child is with each parent on weekdays and on weekends
  • A holiday schedule that shows which parent the child is with for holidays
  • A summer break schedule that shows when the child is with each parent during summer break

Other things to consider as you make your schedule:

  • Florida courts encourage parents to work together to make a schedule they both like
  • Your schedule should give your child frequent and consistent contact with both parents
  • Your child’s age usually determines how long and how frequent visits are
  • Usually all the children in a family stay together for time-sharing
  • If parents are not able to agree on a schedule, the court will establish the schedule

Having the courts establish a time-sharing schedule

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Courts in most counties in Florida follow similar guidelines when setting up a time-sharing schedule. For the everyday schedule for children 3 and over, there will be one residential parent, usually the one who lives near the child’s school, and one nonresidential parent. The child visits the non-residential parent:

  • One evening during the week after school or work to 8:30 pm
  • Every other weekend from Friday after school or work to Sunday evening at 6:00 pm or Monday morning when school starts
  • If the child has school off on the Friday before the non-residential parent’s weekend, the weekend time starts on Thursday.
  • If child has school off on the Monday after the non-residential parent’s weekend, the weekend ends on Monday evening or Tuesday morning when school starts.

Parents will also alternate holidays and share the child’s summer break evenly.

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