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Can my Child Testify in my Divorce Case?

If you’ve experienced the unfortunate situation of divorce, you know the many difficult stages to the court case there are. Besides the pain of the actual relationship separation, there also has to be a decision on property division and most difficult of all, child custody. If you are currently entering or involved in a divorce… Read more

In Divorce as in Life, Fighting is Never the Answer

Nobody likes the idea of a contentious divorce. The drama and struggles of the process may make for interesting TV shows and movies, but when facing the reality of putting their family through the wringer, as it were, many people find themselves searching for alternatives. Luckily, one such alternative is growing ever more popular, and… Read more

Divorce Mediation instead of Litigation

For most people, divorce is a four-letter-word. Hearing it brings to mind mental images of arguments at an attorney’s office, fights over property division, and battles in front of a judge for child custody. The truth, however, is that divorces do not have to turn out that way, and in fact, it is better for… Read more