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Orlando Civil Traffic Ticket Attorney

Know the Stakes

Speeding and other traffic tickets can have big consequences. Fines are expensive. Your auto insurance can go up significantly for years. You can be required to take a variety of inconvenient, expensive classes.

Accumulation of a certain number of points can cause the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. Some civil traffic violations may escalate to criminal traffic violations. An experienced traffic attorney may be able to help you favorably resolve or dismiss your speeding or other traffic ticket.

Hold the Government Accountable

The good news is that you are not guilty merely because you received a traffic ticket. Law enforcement still must be able prove a speeding or traffic ticket with admissible evidence. Defenses to speeding and other civil traffic tickets are normally based on holding the government accountable to its burden of proof.

Get a Legal Defense

DeVoe Law Firm tailors your ticket defense according to the type of proof that law enforcement intends to use in your case. Common tools the police use to prove speeding tickets include radar and laser; pace clocking, visual average speed devices, and stopwatches. Police may enforce speeding tickets from patrol cars, motorcycles, aircraft, or just by standing roadside. Sometimes police are not even present at the time that the alleged traffic violation occurs. Examples include the use of red light cameras to enforce failure to obey traffic control devices; the use of toll booth cameras to enforce failure to pay tolls; and the use of patrol car videos to enforce the move over law.

Radar and Laser

There are numerous technicalities involved with speeding tickets based on radar and laser speed detection devices. Florida law limits the type of radar and laser devices that law enforcement is legally allowed to use to prove a speeding ticket. Radar and laser operators have special training requirements. There are also detailed recordkeeping requirements for radar and laser speed detection devices before they can be used as proof in a speeding ticket case.

Pace Clock

Pace clocking usually involves a police cruiser that matches the speed of your vehicle. Police that intend to use pace-clocking as a method of proving a speeding ticket have to establish certain facts for such evidence to be admissible. There are also detailed mechanical calibrations and recordkeeping requirements that must be satisfied before a law enforcement officer may use an on-board speedometer as proof of speed.

Airplane and Aircraft

Speeding tickets may be based on observations made by officers from airplanes or other aircraft. Usually the airborne officers work together with officers on the ground. There are numerous technicalities based on the use of airplanes or other aircraft to prove speeding tickets.

Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras are becoming more prevalent and are one of the more controversial new tools law enforcement uses to prove traffic tickets. These cameras allow red light tickets to be issued when police are not even present to witness the traffic violation. In fact, red light cameras are often leased from companies that are located in other states. Florida law establishes numerous evidentiary burdens for law enforcement before photos and video may be entered as evidence to prove failure to obey traffic control devices.

Avoid Escalation

Many speeding and traffic tickets assess points on your driver’s license. A certain number of points in a period of time can cause your driver’s license to be suspended by operation of law. It is important to avoid points being assessed against you if at all possible. Click here for a List of Points for Speeding and Other Traffic Tickets.

Be careful that your civil traffic ticket does not escalate to a criminal traffic ticket. Some violations that are normally ticketed as civil infractions can “escalate” to criminal traffic tickets. For example, driving while license suspended might initially be ticketed as an ordinary civil traffic infraction. Subsequent violations can be ticketed as criminal traffic violations with misdemeanor sanctions. After 2 misdemeanor convictions, driving while license suspended can be charged as a felony traffic violation and carry up to 5 years in state prison. If possible, it is preferable to get your civil traffic ticket dismissed in order to avoid future violations being ticketed as criminal violations.

Call DeVoe Law Firm

Call DeVoe Law Firm for representation in your speeding ticket or other traffic ticket case. Most cases can be handled without the need for you to appear in court. Ask about receiving a Money Back Guarantee for certain speeding tickets and other civil traffic tickets.

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