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Criminal Defense involves the defense of criminal charges that can affect your record, reputation, and freedom.  Services include informing you of your rights, learning about options that are available to you, investigating  factual defenses, researching legal defenses, and conducting hearings and trials.

Felony. Get relentless defense in cases involving grand theft, burglary, aggravated battery, drug crime, domestic violence, criminal traffic, and other charges punishable by over a year in prison.

Misdemeanor. Fight the State in cases involving petit theft, trespass, assault, battery, possession of cannabis, domestic violence, criminal traffic, and other charges punishable by up to a year in jail.

Criminal Traffic. Fight your criminal traffic ticket. Know your rights and learn about your options.  Get help with obtaining and submitting evidence for consideration by the Court.

Juvenile. Protect your minor child from having a criminal record that could limit their opportunities and follow them for life.

Probation Violations. Challenge the State to prove an alleged probation violation. Plan a strategy for the best possible resolution in your case. Engage in plea offer negotiation where appropriate.

Seal & Expunge Record. Verify your eligibility to seal or expunge your records relating to a criminal charge or arrest.  Get judicial approval to legally deny a criminal charge or arrest.

Bond Hearings. Expedite your bond hearing.  Establish reasonable terms for release. Withdraw or recall a capias or bench warrant issued due to failure to appear at a court hearing.

DUI Center. Learn about DUI. Challenge administrative driver’s license suspensions by the DHSMV. Fight the State’s allegation that you were driving under the influence.

Jail & Prison. Find contact information for jail and prison.  Get answers to your frequently asked questions about jail and prison.

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