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Driver’s License Suspension

The reason for a driver’s license suspension is important so that your attorney knows what to do to restore your driver’s license and reinstate driving privilege. A driver’s license can be suspended for many different reasons.

Some common reasons for a suspended license are:

  • A driver’s license can be suspended due to points accumulated from traffic infractions and traffic tickets.
  • A driver’s license can be suspended for failure to elect an option on a traffic ticket or traffic infraction.
  • A driver’s license can be suspended for failure to pay a fine or complete a driving class that was required by court order or by agreement with the clerk of court.
  • A driver’s license can be suspended for failure to pay child support.
  • A driver’s license can be suspended or revoked due to being designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender.

There are other reasons that a driver’s license might be suspended.  The above are some of the most common reasons for a suspended driver’s license.

Penalty for Driving While License Suspended

Driving while license suspended WITHOUT knowledge is a civil traffic offense. Driving while license suspended WITH knowledge is a criminal offense.  A conviction of driving while license suspended with knowledge will result in a criminal record that you may have to disclose in certain situations, for example on job applications and credit applications.

Penalties escalate for successive convictions of driving while license suspended with knowledge. The first two convictions of driving while license suspended with knowledge can be ticketed as criminal traffic violations with misdemeanor sanctions. After 2 misdemeanor convictions, driving while license suspended can be charged as a felony traffic violation and carry up to 5 years in state prison.

But I Didn’t Know My License was Suspended!

The government’s definition of “knowledge” of a suspended license is probably different from what most people think.  The law says that you are legally deemed to “know” that your license was suspended so long as the government mailed a notice of license suspension to you, even if you never actually received the notice of license suspension. This might not seem fair, but it is the law.

Don’t despair.  There are often ways to fix a suspended driver’s license.

Restore and Reinstate a Suspended Driver’s License!

The government does not make it easy to restore or reinstate a suspended driver’s license. There are many cases in which an attorney might be able to remove points and convictions from old traffic tickets.  This is especially true where there are good reasons to do so. For example, toll running tickets and red light camera tickets are often mailed to the wrong address and the driver never knew that their driver’s license was suspended. Call DeVoe Law Firm for help.  Reinstate your driver’s license, restore your driving privilege, and get back on the road.

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