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Lawmakers Try to Get Approval for Another Alimony Overhaul

Florida lawmakers are, again, trying to push a bill past Governor Rick Scott that will overhaul the current child support standards. This is the second time the lawmakers are trying to get Governor Rick Scott to approve this alimony bill. Changing How Time-Sharing in Florida is Determined The new bill includes a large section that… Read more

When Can Florida Child Support Go Beyond Age 18?

Child support is often a mandatory aspect of a divorce or separation of any kind when minor children are involved. A child support order is the court’s means making sure a minor is consistently provided for financially. Even if a parent is not physically present in a child’s life, the state of Florida orders child… Read more

Can my Child Testify in my Divorce Case?

If you’ve experienced the unfortunate situation of divorce, you know the many difficult stages to the court case there are. Besides the pain of the actual relationship separation, there also has to be a decision on property division and most difficult of all, child custody. If you are currently entering or involved in a divorce… Read more