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There’s an App for That: Child Support

In today’s world, we rely on our phones and computers for just about everything. We utilize alerts on our phones to remind us of things at the appropriate time, automatic bill pay is available for many monthly bills, and countless apps are available to make life easier. If there is a need, someone will create an app for it. Luckily, for divorced couples with children, there are now apps to make financial issues between exes easier and less stressful.

While divorce decrees explicitly spell out how much a parent must pay in child support, there is often a lot of other money that changes hands between divorced parents. And until recently, there was no easy way for the paying parent to see what exactly the money was used for. Now, several apps and online programs make it easy for parents to exchange money electronically, send receipts, track spending, and keep a record of all financial transactions. Because the programs provide accountability and proof of expenses, they can help keep the peace between divorced spouses.

Certain apps make it possible for exes to communicate indirectly, which can prevent fights. But apps can only do so much. For couples who are getting divorced or already divorced, hiring a knowledgeable family law attorney is crucial. With the right lawyer on your side, the whole divorce process is much less stressful. A great attorney fights for your rights, including making sure that child custody plans and timesharing are right for your family, child support and alimony payment amounts are fair, and that the entire divorce process is as painless as possible. The attorneys at DeVoe Law Firm are caring, knowledgeable, and experienced family law attorneys. If you are facing divorce, don’t do it alone. Call DeVoe Law Firm today.

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