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Grandmother Seeks Reimbursement for Unlawful Child Support

It is a fairly common occurrence for an individual to be facing child support payments after a divorce filing. This can even be true if the child is not yours biologically, but was part of a family that you married into. What happens, however, when you are forced to pay child support payments for a… Read more

Are Alimony Decisions Permanent?

Q: Since my divorce 5 years ago, my income has been cut rather significantly, and my ex-spouse’s has increased. Is it possible to get an alimony modification, or is the decision permanent? A: Well, fortunately, the short answer is yes, alimony can be modified, depending on what the court originally ordered. The long answer is… Read more

This Traffic Safety Measure Actually Increases Accidents

In an ironic twist, a new study has found that certain traffic safety devices actually increase the risk of traffic accidents. According to the study, traffic accidents increased after installation of walk signals that were intended to protect pedestrians.  Researchers believe the problem is that it is not just the pedestrians that can see the… Read more

Do Not Lie to a Family Court Judge

It seems like it’s a pretty common-sense idea to not lie to a judge, but one Florida woman was willing to take the risk when it came to her children. Unfortunately, the judge discovered the lie, and she is now facing a 5-year perjury sentence. In the incidence in question, the woman was found to… Read more