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Who Pays the Bills During a Divorce in Process?

Going through a divorce is a very stressful and trying time for most couples. Dealing with the emotional turmoil a divorce can put on a family while having to sort out payments and bills can add extra unnecessary stress during a split. While everyone’s situation is different, both spouses should agree on how to divide the… Read more

Uncontested Divorce in Florida

In the state of Florida, divorce doesn’t have to be a dramatic, drawn out event. When a couple wants to end their marriage and can cooperate and agree on the division of their assets, it’s possible for them to file for an uncontested divorce, also known as a simplified dissolution. In an uncontested divorce the… Read more

How Divorce Affects Your Health

While it is widely known that divorce is both uncomfortable and unenjoyable for those who go through it, many do not know about the health effects divorce can cause. There is much debate about this, but according to, divorce can actually cause a slew of health concerns. We will break a few of those down… Read more

Lawmakers Try to Get Approval for Another Alimony Overhaul

Florida lawmakers are, again, trying to push a bill past Governor Rick Scott that will overhaul the current child support standards. This is the second time the lawmakers are trying to get Governor Rick Scott to approve this alimony bill. Changing How Time-Sharing in Florida is Determined The new bill includes a large section that… Read more

What is Simplified Dissolution of a Marriage in Florida?

When marriages don’t work out, there are a few different ways to end the marriage: annulment, divorce, and simplified dissolution of a marriage, are some of the ways. Many people don’t quite know what a simplified dissolution of a marriage is. In short, a simplified dissolution of marriage is quicker and generally pre-agreed upon way… Read more