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Child Support Modification in Florida

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There are several reasons why a parent may want modification to their child support. The parent paying the child support might have lost their job, gotten a new, lower paying job, or seen an increase in child expenses. The parent receiving the child support may seek an increase in child support because the child expenses have gone up, they have the child more time, or they may be reacting to the other parent’s raise in salary. Whatever the reason, a modification of child support in Florida can be achieved under the right circumstances. Below is a brief overview of some of the circumstances that could constitute a modification in child support.

Change in Income

Modifications can be sought if there has been a substantial change in income. By substantial change, most attorneys may tell you this means the change in income would result in a 15% or $50 change in child support payments. This change can either be in increase or decrease of payment. Seeking the advice of an attorney is vital in making the decision to attempt a modification of child support in Florida. They will be able to assist in reviewing financial information and determining if the child support payment will increase or decrease by 15% or $50, whichever is lowest.

Change in Child Expenses

Along with income, some attorneys may suggest that a modification in child support is achievable if there has been a change in the child expenses. Examples of these expenses are daycare, school care, medical, supplies, classes, activities, you name it. A parent receiving child support may need additional child support to help with additional expenses. A parent paying child support may seek a modification if they feel their payments should be reduced due to a lack of child expenses by the other parent. In either case, a lawyer will help you determine if the situation justifies a modification in child support.

Change in Parenting Plan

A modification in child support in the state of Florida might be granted if there is a change in the parenting plan. This plan change could result in more or less time with the child, which can be reflected on the child support modification wanted. A modification could be sought as a result of a change in the parenting plan. The parent then might be able to file a modification to gain more child support for the increase in time and expenses.

If the circumstance allows, a Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Support may be filed, with the help of a lawyer. Then, the attorney will help through the process as financial information is reviewed and a mediator is seen. In some cases, the modification might go to a judge for a ruling.

If there has been a change in income, an increase or decrease in child expenses, or a change in the parenting plan, a modification to child support may be granted. Seek the advice of an experienced attorney to assist through the case as each situation is different.

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