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Children Aren’t Collateral of Divorce

It would sure make a lot of things easier if parents facing divorce could always come to a civil arrangement regarding their children, but of course that’s not the case. Some parents need a reality check – the circumstances of your divorce, regardless of how bad things are between you and your former spouse, do not mitigate your responsibility as a parent.

This innate responsibility is an especially important consideration in regards to child support. You can escape your failed marriage, but you can’t escape your financial responsibility to your child. For those willing to test the latter, there can be stiff penalties awaiting you in the grand scheme of things.

Some divorcing individuals look for any way to burn their former partner. The love we feel for our children and the responsibility we carry to provide for them can leave us vulnerable, providing an easy target for some parents who refuse to remain objective. It’s perhaps more than a fair enough argument to say that individuals place themselves before everyone else in the family tree.

Divorce has some very visible consequences as pertains to children, dampened all the more by feuding parents – these petty squabbles can be very devastating. A child of divorce living in poverty statistically has a much higher chance of flunking school and falling into a life of crime. These statistics aren’t scare tactics, they’re reality for thousands of children living in the United States.

Finding yourself on the wrong end of a child support battle can be exhausting. Unfortunately, as long as there is divorce there will also be problems with neglectful parents. Responsible parents should be prepared for civil disarrangement in the event of a worst case scenario annulment – we owe it to our children, after all. We all need to shoulder our responsibility as parents.

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