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Florida Man Turns Self in for Skipping Child Support Payments

When you’re watching the news, if a story about child support payments comes up, it is almost always negative. Either someone is in a heated divorce, contesting proposed child support payments, or they are trying to fight their current support payments, or even someone being arrested for not paying and leaving town.

A recent case in Florida is similar to the last example, but with an odd twist. A Sarasota, Florida man, who was wanted by police in conjunction with an overdue child support back-payment of over $200k, turned himself in voluntarily to Orange County Child Support Task Force sheriffs.

Bismark Luis, 53-year-old Orange County resident, owed $233,539 dollars at the time he turned himself in on July 16. It is not known exactly how much of the time since his divorce he was delinquent on child support payments, but the initial agreement was signed back in June 2001.

Luis was contacted back in April, and told that there was a strong possibility he would be facing federal prosecution in relation to his crossing state lines while being delinquent child support payments. He was given an option to either pay the amount owed in full, serve 60 days in jail, or wait for federal prosecution to add some most-likely sizeable charges.

He chose to take the 60 days in jail, and turned himself in to prosecutors on July 16.

Source: http://www.midhudsonnews.com/News/2014/July/17/Luis_arr-17Jul14.htm

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