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How Divorce Affects Your Health

While it is widely known that divorce is both uncomfortable and unenjoyable for those who go through it, many do not know about the health effects divorce can cause. There is much debate about this, but according to prevention.com, divorce can actually cause a slew of health concerns. We will break a few of those down for you.

  • Mental health issues
    • Anxiety: According to psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish, anxiety levels rise after a divorce because those experiencing the divorce lose their partner in life. The fears of the outside world become bigger when facing them alone.
    • Depression: For some, the divorce may induce a bout of depression. Many view a divorce as a massive failure in their life, and experience the extreme emotions associated with feeling this way.
    • Addiction: As a spinoff of the depression, some experiencing these lows might turn to substances to help ease their pain. Addiction can very well spin from depression, adding to the negative health effects of divorce.
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    Weight Change: Weight change, either weight gain or loss, can easily be a side effect to a divorce. Some turn to fatty, high-calorie comfort foods to self-medicate their pain, while others might lose their appetite all together. Turning to fatty foods can cause weight gain and a loss of appetite may cause extreme weight loss. Others may lose weight as a positive effect of divorce. They see the divorce as the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and turn their life around for the better.

  • Insomnia: Some may suffer from insomnia after a divorce. There are many reasons why some might suffer from an inability to sleep either while going through the process of a divorce or after a divorce is finalized. Those newly single may worry about their future alone, those going through a divorce may be stressed out from the process, and those approaching divorce may also be worried about the state of their relationship. It is also not uncommon to experience nightmares after a divorce, according to Dr. Walfish.

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