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Post-Divorce Celebration Parties: Tacky or Fun?

Imagine the following scenario: Your divorce is finally over with, and you’re walking out of the courtroom. Do you get in your car and head home to relax, in order to let the stress and emotions of the divorce drain out of you? Or, instead, do you pick up some friends and drive up to Las Vegas to go skydiving, but not before stopping at a gun range and shooting your wedding dress full of bullets?

If you think that’s a bizarre or even stupid question, you have a point. However, lately there has been a huge business building around that exact concept: Divorce celebration.

For many, it may seem callous to celebrate something like a divorce, but if you really think about it, there’s a fairly valid reason for celebration. When a couple divorces, it is a sign that the marriage was irretrievably broken. It’s a sign that going back to living life single would be preferable to how the marriage had been going.

Going through a divorce is often very emotional and quite a painful experience, and it is not unexpected to feel completely drained once it is finalized, but the rest of your life starts right now, so why not have a little recklessly adventurous fun to kick-start your next chapter? At least that’s the motto of growing divorce party planning industry.

The first major divorce party planning company was in Las Vegas. The company, which understandably is only a few years old, offers things from simple divorce-themed cakes all the way to packages giving rounds of golf, shooting range trips where you destroy your wedding dress, and even entire skydiving weekends.

There are, of course, many out there who will roll their eyes at such gratuitousness, but there are just as many who are likely see their newly-single life as a gift, and will choose to “re-release” themselves back into their own lives, if you will.

If you are feeling particularly optimistic about the end of your divorce, there may be someone out there who can help you celebrate in style.

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