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Relocating a Child Under a Florida Time Sharing Agreement

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Child custody cases can be tough and confusing for everyone involved. In order to help ease some of that confusion, here is some information on what needs to occur in order to relocate a child in or after a child custody case in Florida.

A New Set of Written Agreements

In order for one parent to relocate a child, a written agreement must be signed by both parents. In this written agreement, consent to the relocation must be expressed. A time-sharing schedule must be clearly laid out for anyone who has the legal right to access or time-sharing with the child. The agreement must also express transportation arrangements that align with the time-sharing schedule.

In conjunction with the written agreement, a petition from the relocating parent to the other parent must be served. In this signed petition, the address and telephone number, along with a description of the new residence, must be stated. The date of the move and the reasons for the move must be included in this signed petition, too.

The text of the agreement, the schedule, the transportation arrangements and the petition to the court need to be spelled out in detail, and in specific ways. You will need the assistance of a competent child custody lawyer here.

The Court Must Approve the Move!

Both the written agreement and the signed petition must be completed in order for a court to approve a relocation of a child who is under a time-sharing agreement. Take the time to make this petition correctly, and spare yourself untold complications down the road.

The DeVoe Law Firm is experienced in Divorce and Custody matters, having operated in Orlando and Kissimmee for years. If you need a lawyer to help relocate a child under time sharing, or if you need any other help in family law matters, contact us today.

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