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Signs I Need a Divorce

Deciding whether to get a divorce can be the most difficult decision you’ll have to make in your life. Everyone wants to try to make it work to some extent. You’ve built a life and a family together and no one wants to throw that away. But in some situations divorce is just better for everyone. While no one can make that decision for you, this article offers some helpful advice on when it might be time to call it quits.

Sighs that it might be time to get a divorce

married couple that might need divorce

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If you and your spouse have excessive negative interactions
Weigh your positive interactions with your negative ones. Psychologists believe that in order to have a happy marriage, positive interactions should outnumber negative ones five to one. Although many people say that even small arguments are not indications of marital problems, if you’re constantly mad or annoyed with your spouse it may be a sign that you need a break.

If your arguments are severe
Very severe and hurtful arguments are the main sign that you need a divorce. It’s unhealthy to constantly tear down or be torn down. Arguing is a normal part of marriage but it is not normal when arguments are frequent and insulting. If you can’t resolve conflicts by sticking to the single topic, it may be a sign you need a divorce.

If you share different values
Knowing when to divorce revolves around knowing when you’ve reached that point where your core values are so different than your spouse’s that you’ll never find common ground. Sometimes you have to look towards the future and decide if your partner’s vision of the future is acceptable for you.

If your spouse was unfaithful
Unfaithfulness is one of the biggest cause of divorce. While some couples can recover from the pain of an affair, others take it as validation that the marriage needs to end. There are usually always underlying problems that leads someone to be unfaithful, and not having that trust in a marriage can lead to its end.

Hiring a divorce lawyer in Florida

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