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Uncontested Divorce in Florida

In the state of Florida, divorce doesn’t have to be a dramatic, drawn out event. When a couple wants to end their marriage and can cooperate and agree on the division of their assets, it’s possible for them to file for an uncontested divorce, also known as a simplified dissolution.

In an uncontested divorce the couple is able to bypass turning over their financial information to one another as well as other time consuming paperwork required in a normal Florida divorce.

Requirements for an uncontested divorce in Florida

Although an uncontested divorce is the simplest way to handle a separation, there are several requirements apart from agreeing that must be met in order to get one.

  • The couple must both agree that they want to end the marriage and want an uncontested divorce
  • The couple cannot have children under the age of 18
  • The wife cannot be pregnant
  • At least one spouse has to have lived in Florida for the past six months
  • The spouses must agree on the division of their property and debts
  • Neither spouse can be seeking alimony

How to file for an uncontested divorce in Florida

First, the couple must prepare and both sign a Petition for Simplified Dissolution. This must be filed with the circuit court clerk’s office in the county where on of the spouses live. Filing fees will also be paid at the time the petition is filed. Agreements on how to divide property should be written out and signed, and so should a Final Judgement of Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. That paperwork can be found here.

The couple will then attend a hearing. Both must be present at this hearing. The judge will make sure the couple meets all of the requirements in order to be given an uncontested divorce and review the couple’s marital settlement agreement. Once the judge has reviewed all of the above, he or she will the final judgement and the couple will officially be divorced.

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