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What Factors go into Determining Child Custody?

There are many things the court may look at when trying to determine child custody. Every case is different, so there is no perfect list when it comes to this. There are, however, a few things that are usually found in a court’s list vetting the ideal home for the child.

  1. Parents’ ability to provide:
    • Parent’s mental state
    • crying child

      Photo by Stuart Miles.

      Parent’s moral status

    • Parent’s involvement in child’s life
    • Parent’s ability to meet child’s developmental needs
    • Parent’s ability to divide up responsibility with other parent
  2. Providing a stable home for child by
    • Maintaining continuity
    • Ensuring permanence of the home the child will go to
    • Establishing there is a love and affectionate ties between the child and parent
    • Maintaining a lack of domestic violence
    • Aligning with the child’s history regarding school and home
  3. How accommodating the parent will be with the court ruling regarding
    • Cooperation and contact with the other parent
    • Accommodation of any changes that may take place
    • Honoring the established time-sharing schedule

Again, every case is different. These are just some of the factors that may go into determining child custody if the case goes to court.

You should always ensure an experienced attorney is on your side to abide by all laws and have your best interest in mind.

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