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What is the Adoption Process Like in Florida?

The road to adoption can be a long and stressful one, but in the end it’s extremely rewarding. The path differs for everyone, but it usually involves an orientation session, an in-depth training program to help you determine if adoption is right for you and your family, a home study and a background check. The process can take around nine months. Once it’s completed, you can start to be matched with your child. This article explains the process more in-depth and will prepare you for what’s to come if your planning on adopting.

The Road to Adoption in  Florida

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Call Florida’s Adoption Information Center

The first step is setting up a home study.  To get started, call Florida’s Adoption Information Center at 1-800-96-ADOPT or 1-904-353-0679 to be referred to an adoption worker who can help you begin the process.

Attend an orientation

An orientation is a one to two hour presentation that will allow you to meet and talk with adoptive parents and counselors who can provide an overview of the entire adoption process from start to finish.

Take a preparation class

The state of Florida has several classes and courses you can take in preparation for adoption. These courses are mandatory, but your local adoption agency can inform you on which ones are available for you to take.

Complete a home study

Home studies are done to ensure that the child is going to a safe home. During a home study, local, state and federal background checks will be conducted on all adults living in the household. You will also need to get references from your employer, character references from family members and references from school officials if you have any other children in school. Then a social worker will visit your home.

Get approval

Once the above processes are complete, you will either be approved or denied.

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