Monthly Archives: June 2014

Florida Woman Treated Like Criminal by Family Courts

In a perfect storm of a divorce case, one Florida woman found that a mix of bad preparation and unfortunate circumstances ended up costing her the most important things in her life: Her children. Linda Marie Sacks found out the hard way that, in certain circumstances, family courts can be even more unforgiving towards parents… Read more

Divorced Florida Couple in Battle Over Son’s Remains

A long-ago-divorced Florida couple are finding themselves embroiled in perhaps the most-heated legal battle of their lives over a very unexpected item: Cremated ashes. The remains in question are of their son Scott Patrick Wilson, who was 23 when he was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver. The main problem stems from the fact that… Read more

Orlando Man Extradited for $83,000 Child Support Bill

As the old adage goes, “you can never escape the long arm of the law.” One Orlando resident certainly found out that was true when he was arrested and extradited back to New York to face child support neglect charges. The 51-year-old Orlando resident, who was wanted for two separate outstanding warrants, was pulled back… Read more

Kissimmee Red Light Cameras Aren’t Reducing Crashes

When the Kissimmee Police recently compiled traffic data, and selected the top 10 intersections for crashes, they found that half of the list are already under red light camera surveillance, according to this story which appeared in late May.  Red light camera enforcement is supposed to reduce crashes and increase driver safety.  These results say… Read more

Local College Dean, Single, is Foster Parent

Interesting how one person’s efforts can impact so many lives for the good.  This story reports on a Campus Dean at Seminole State College who as a single man, in eight years, has fostered 15 kids, and has adopted five.  In doing so, he has created a family.  With Fathers Day approaching, this story causes… Read more