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What are DCF Cases in Florida?

In Florida, the DCF (Department of Children and Families) is an organization that specializes in fighting for the rights of children and families, those suffering mental disorders, as well as protecting victims of abuse. They offer hotlines, foster programs, help filing for government support, as well as connections to abuse homes and online abuse/neglect reporting…. Read more

Is Child Support Affected by Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence, defined as “physical, emotional, sexual, and/or financial abuse from one individual towards another” can have any number of drastic effects on household members. It can affect work performance, relationships with friends, behavior at school, and can even be used as a wedge on which to divide extended families in half. Even once a… Read more

Reasons for Filing Injunctions

An injunction is basically a restraining order, which demands that the person who the order was filed against stays away from the person who filed the order. Violating one of these civil injunction is a crime and those who violate them are subject to criminal penalties, including jail. In the state of Florida, victims of… Read more