Monthly Archives: August 2014

Florida’s Homosexual Marriage Ban Has Not Been Overturned Yet

This past week has been one of great interest for Florida’s homosexual population. They have been fighting to be allowed to marry for years now, but when a recent vote passed a measure making it constitutionally illegal for homosexuals to marry in Florida, many people lost hope. While it is true that other states have… Read more

Not Recognizing Your Marriage Means No Divorce?

Back in 2008, Florida passed a constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage with a 62% yes vote. Since then, there have been quite a number of cases brought to the courts to challenge that ruling, including a few recent ones which are a little different. Generally, couples will challenge the court when they are seeking a… Read more

Florida Man Turns Self in for Skipping Child Support Payments

When you’re watching the news, if a story about child support payments comes up, it is almost always negative. Either someone is in a heated divorce, contesting proposed child support payments, or they are trying to fight their current support payments, or even someone being arrested for not paying and leaving town. A recent case… Read more