How Can the Husband Receive Alimony in a Divorce?

Today it’s not uncommon for women to make more than men in marriages. Alimony is always determined based on how much money each spouse makes, so when the wife makes more than the husband it is likely that she will be making the payments. This article discusses the factors that go into awarding alimony and… Read more

Will My Infidelity Affect the Child Support Amount?

When divorces involve infidelity, they can seem more stressful and complicated. Florida has fairly clear laws regarding divorce, custody, and child support. However, each case is different, so your infidelity might have caused your case to differ from the usual. How Child Support is Determined Child support is usually straightforward in Florida divorces. The courts typically… Read more

How Will the Courts Split up my House in a Divorce?

If you’re currently going through a divorce, you may be wondering how your belongings and assets will be divided. Luckily for you, Florida has a fairly predictable system for dividing property in the situation of a divorce. Florida Property Division Florida’s laws regarding property division call for equitable distribution of property between the two spouses…. Read more